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In my practice, I have run across programs and services that either I use myself or have had clients use successfully.  As a result, I have developed affiliations with these software/service providers to offer their best pricing to you.  Just to let you know, I may make a small commission on these – but I truly am not a salesperson at heart.  I just happen to really like these products/services and think they apply to many QuickBooks users, so want you to be aware of them. Check with me if you have questions.

There are other solutions that I’ve worked successfully.  Too many to list here!  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions either about these or other solutions.

Solutions for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop


Bill & Pay
How would you like to email your customers their invoices and allow them to pay online and see 36 months of history? And….have it all automatically update your QuickBooks file?

With Bill & Pay (B&P), you create your invoices in QuickBooks (either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop). This automatically syncs with B&P and will generate an email to your customers with their invoice. Your customers can set up for automatic payment or recurring payments or they can manually initiate the payment. The payments sync back to QuickBooks and link the payment with the invoice. You can have B&P send out payment reminders. You can limit the payment type to just ACH or you can sign up for QuickBooks Payments and accept credit cards as well as ACH’s.

Expense Tracking

Concur Small Business
Need to track expenses? Concur Expense takes the pain out of tracking expenses. It is an online application where you can easily create expense reports and download them into QuickBooks (Desktop or Online). It also works with TripIt to track your trips. I use both TripIt and Concur when I travel for business. I take pictures of my receipts on my smart phone, upload them to my Concur site, fill out my expense report and attach the pdf’s of the receipts to the report. You can also set up Concur to download your business credit cards that will then, in turn, download into QuickBooks.
Works with QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop


Do you need QuickBooks supplies? Try EI Printing/Checks for Less. It’s a great place to order checks, deposits and other supplies for QuickBooks. They are reasonably priced, reliable and timely

Accessing QuickBooks Desktop from Anywhere

Tired of trading QuickBooks Desktop files back and forth? Qbox is a cloud based resource for Windows which you can use to share your QuickBooks desktop application files (and others) over the Internet and collaborate in real time, without creating conflicted copies. Think of it as checking a book out of the library. When I need to access your QB file, I check it out of the library and lock it. When I’m done, I return it and the QB data syncs back to the cloud so when you’re ready to use it, all the data is there. QuickBooks Desktop

Skyline Cloud Services
Are you using QuickBooks Desktop, but want 24/7 access or need to share across multiple locations? Think about using a cloud-based server. There are a lot of advantages to host your QuickBooks on a server. It means that you are not confined to your office. You get the power of QuickBooks Desktop (all levels) and can access your files from wherever you have internet access including from smart phones. Not only that, you don’t have the expense of maintaining a server. Skyline Cloud Services, an Intuit Authorized Host, takes the pain and the expense out of managing your desktop solutions and servers. QuickBooks Desktop